Let’s make agreements
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We are committed to building easy user friendly tool and client-centered technology that will transform the digital contracting experience for all.


We have been drafting agreements for a long time and looking back, we would like to share three core goals of contract drafting:

  • 1. Clarity - anyone can understand the deal
  • 2. Get what you need vs. what you want - there is a big difference
  • 3. “Quick” signatures - a short time frame from the start of the process to signature.

Why us?

From idea to realization.

Ordema was created as a solution to the problems we perceived in our work as in-house legal counsels in fast growing companies.

Legal teams are still faced with paperwork that they cannot or do not know how to bridge into the cloud. Creating and maintaining contracts takes too much administrative time.

With Ordema, we want to facilitate the work and collaboration of lawyers, salespeople, decision-makers and all the people in the team who get involved in the contract process at any time within the company.

The preparation of contracts becomes quick and easy, and the review of contracts is unified and structured.

By focusing on the needs of legal teams, we have created a product that legal teams can easily learn and love to use.

Meet the founders

The fact that we have been working together in the field of legal consulting for many years and building lasting partnerships with clients makes us immensely proud and speaks of the values we nurture at Ordema.

Boris Eržen


Broad minded lawyer that worked in IT start-ups for 13+ years as in-house general legal counsel, built the legal function from scratch and together with advisers executed sale of Najdi.si search engine for 10M€+ and Outfit7 for 1BN$.

Maša Rupnik

Legal Counsel

Specialized in legal challenges posed by modern technologies and gained her experience during 8 years of participation in international companies such as Outfit 7 and Hooray Studios as Senior Legal and General Counsel.

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